Since the start of  the internet around the early 90's, Tokyoveg group  has been sharing vegetarian information,  vegetarian/vegan places that are safe to eat in Tokyo & Japan. In those days it was extremely hard for vegetarians to be able to live & work in Japan without stressing where the next meal will be . Thankfully it has become a lot easier now with organic (eco) all the trendy rage in Japan but word of mouth info is still precious to the lone vege making his or her way around Japan. Please join the forum and share your vege snippets of information.

The original yahoo group has over a decade of posts and can still be viewed here;  http://www.health.groups.yahoo.com/group/TokyoVeg

  TokyoVeg has a new home!

The group as of 2012 has moved to the forums on www.alttokyo.com.  Please  visit & register and join in the discussion here
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and of course we are on facebook here