let kids play outside — Just gargle, wash hands (1 post)

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    This story cannot be taken seriously but, “Lecturer tells parents Tokyo radiation is “not so serious” and to let kids play outside — Just gargle, wash hands, etc.”
    I know they are trying to promote physical activity but how do parents identify if their kids have been to a “hot spot”??? (ie Allan’s Meguro hot spot video post is a perfect example!)

    According to Harada, it is necessary for the groups to regularly measure radiation levels and avoid “hot spots,” where radiation levels are relatively high. But he also warns against overreacting.

    “Radiation levels in the Tokyo metropolitan area are not so serious as to prohibit children from playing outside,” Harada said. “What people should do are such things as hand-washing, gargling and dressing cuts if they suffer injuries.” […]

    In May last year, pediatrician Shintaro Kikuchi, who has urged the Koriyama city government to set up indoor playgrounds, studied weight changes in 33 kindergarten pupils in the city.

    He found that 4 and 5 year olds were gaining 1 kilogram less than the average increase of 30 children of the same age before the nuclear accident.

    “The causes for the smaller increase are unknown. But there is a possibility that stress and the change of food are having an influence on their growth,” Kikuchi said. […]