safe(r) radiation free food, restaurants in Tokyo List (2 posts)

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    some info from Japanese blog

    Think I will be eating from these place a little more now. .
    Lets try to add to the list as much as possible.
    The Soul of Seoul (Korean Barbecue), Omotesando, Shibuya, Tokyo
    Equipped with Berthold’s radiation survey equipmetnt. All ingredients are from Kyushu or imported. All water used is Crystal Kaiser.

    Monte-Mare Tottorine (Italian), Shinbashi, Tokyo
    All ingredients, including milk, are from Tottori prefecture. The shop on the first floor sells food from Tottori and restaurant is on the second floor.

    Elio Locanda Italiana (Italian), Kojimachi, Kanda, Tokyo
    All ingredients are 1Bq/kg or less, tested with a germanium semiconductor detector.

    Chikappa (Italian) Ginza, Tokyo
    Many ingredients from Kyushu.

    Nigiri Chojiro (Kaiten Sushi) Nerima, Saitama, etc.
    Rice from Fukui prefecture as of Feb. 2, 2012. This page shows where their fish comes from:

    L’occitane Cafe, Dogenzaka, Shibuya and Minami-Ikebukuro
    No vegetable from northeastern Japan and Kanto. Origin of vegetables are indicated on blackboard inside the cafe.

    Casa de Fujimori (Spanish) Kannai, Yokohama
    Vegetables from western Japan and Kyushu. Meat from Kyushu, Spain, Italy. Egg from Tottori prefecture.

    Kamukura (Noodle)
    Vegetables from Nagano prefecture, western Japan and Kyushu. Meat from Europe and U.S. (as of Jan. 18. 2012)

    Aurora (Japanese) Fussa city, Tokyo
    Equipped with ATOMEX AT1320a. Food measuring service is also available for 2980yen.
    Ingredients are 10Bq/kg or less sourced from western Japan and Hokkaido. As for marine products, only oyster from Hiroshima and imported salmon are served.

    Bagle & Bagle
    Water from the U.S. Cheese and suger, etc are imported. Some of the vegetables are from Kanto and northeast Japan.

    Crayon House (Organic), Omotesando, Tokyo
    No ingredients from Saitama, Ibaraki, Chiba, Tochigi, Fukushima. Spot check on ingredients.

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    I eat bagelbagel several times a week. That sight says the soya beans are from China. Well that’s probably better than radioactive beans but wonder if China uses GMO farming.